“We had an amazing trek in Nepal with Devman as our guide! He is very knowledgeable about the area and did a great job planning everything. We had a lot of fun and saw absolutely beautiful sights. I would definitely recommend trekking with Devman!”

Recommended by Morgan, morgan.brown@mail.utoronto.ca   

” we had the most wonderful time trekking to Annapurna base camp with devman as our guide and dawa and sham our friendly porters. We saw incredible views. Devman was kind, informative and took care of our every need. He could tell you the height of every mountain and exactly how long it would take you to get to your next destination. We shared quite the experience and plenty of laughs. I would highly recommend Devman and his team for a fun and genuine experience.”

Recomended by Katie ,


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Me and two other friends from university completed a 15 day trek of the Annapurna circuit in August 2013 with Devman as our guide and his friend and colleague Durga as porter. I can easily say that this was the most breathtaking and unforgettable 2 weeks of my life. Our amazing experience on the trail was made that much more enjoyable by the outstanding service Devman and Durga provided. Devman goes out of his way to make sure that spirits are always high and that his clients needs are attended to, even after a long day on the trail. He speaks English very well and was able to answer any questions we had along the way. He prides himself on providing the best possible vacation experience to his clients, tailoring the day to any request his trekkers may have. Dev was very knowledge about the trail, the surrounding mountains, Nepali culture, its history and pretty much whatever else we could think to ask him. Having a knowledgable guide with a good grasp of English adds another element to the trek, and Devman provides this. By the end of the trip it felt like we were trekking with a long time friend as opposed to a hired guide. His sense of humour and ever-present smile were contagious and always keeping us in good spirits on the circuit. Dev’s caring nature is an excellent example of Nepal’s welcoming citizens. He was even kind enough to invite us to his home for a lunch of traditional dal baht to meet his family afterwords to see how they lived. It was an amazing end to an amazing trip. If you have any questions about trekking in Nepal in general or with respect to Devman and his services, please don’t hesitate to contact me at graham.lloyd.uwo@gmail.com. Without question I would highly recommend Devman as your guide, you will not be disappointed. Graham Toronto, Canada

 Recommended by Grahams, graham.lloyd.uwo@gmail.com Toronto,ontario Canada 


We (myself and two friends) hired Devman Tamang as our trekking guide from July 24 to August 8, based on a stellar recommendation from friends. Upon meeting him, we could see that he was just the personality he had been described as, warm, friendly, polite and always laughing. We hired him on the spot. He started our journey with us in Kathmandu, bringing us to Besishahar, where we together started the Annapurna Circuit. Over the 15 days that we spent trekking, Devman proved to be very knowledgeable of many trekking routes, of trekking safety, and of the areas and villages we had passed through. He was always very easy going, never rushing us, and very considerate of the environment and the local communities. He went above and beyond guiding us through the circuit. He got up extra early to make sure that we would get mountain views (it was monsoon season), generously gave us hats to wear on the pass that his wife had hand sewn, and took us to a number of monasteries and temples in our down time. His kindness continued after the trek was over when he had us over for a home cooked dal bhat meal with his family. We felt incredibly fortunate to be in Devman’s company during our trek. He truly made our experience unforgettable. A wonderful man and the ideal guide for trekking in Nepal

Recommended by Grahams, graham.lloyd.uwo@gmail.com Toronto,ontario Canada 


Annapurna Circuit August 2013 In early August 2013, Devman lead 2 close friends and myself on a 15-day trek of the Annapurna Circuit. In short, our experience was simply incredible and I would credit Devman as having played a huge part in making our trip such a success. A few weeks prior to our departure, we met Dev in Kathmandu to discuss the specifics of what trekking the Annapurna Circuit would entail. We were provided with great information and advice about the trek itself and on top of that, Dev is an incredibly genuine and welcoming person who made us feel confident that we were in very capable hands. Throughout our time together, I was impressed with Devman’s attention to detail and how he managed to make our experience as smooth as possible from start to finish. Anything from arranging trekking permits to securing the best rooms at guesthouses was facilitate by having Devman as our guide. In addition, Devman is very well trained and was excellent when it came to our safety during the trek, specifically his managing of our group as we climbed to higher altitudes, which required diligence and experience to navigate. Having an experienced guide such as Devman was invaluable in many respects and I feel having him as our guide enhanced our whole experience. For anyone planning a trek in Nepal, I would highly recommend you choose Devman as your guide, I couldn’t say enough good things about him and was so happy to have spent so much time with such a wonderful person. Namaste Devman,

Recommended by Kealin wong ,

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Devman has been my go to guide in Nepal Himalaya adventures. He guided my personal trek to Everest base camp/ Kala Patthar and my trek to Annapurna sanctuary with my wife and a friend. His knowledge of mountain topography is amazing and he is very well connected with locals along the treks. He is also charming and fun person – very important traits when you are spending practically every moment with your guide on two week treks. I recommend Devman to my friends for any Nepal trek from cultural to peak climbing. I will definitely use Devman’s services to do all my future treks in Nepal. You can contact me at schaurushiya@gmail.com. Cheers.

Recommended by Suresh Chaurushiya,

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I went to Nepal in April 2012 after many years of wanting to go there. I wanted to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek because I have heard so many great things about it. The trek was absolutely amazing!! Walking through the mountains with stunning scenery everyday, staying in little remote villages, meeting lots of fellow trekkers along the way- it was a trip of a lifetime. Devman was my guide for this trek and he was fantastic. He would tell me lots if information along the way about the villages we were passing through or staying in, little bits of history about Nepal, would always be there if I needed help with my backpack – was such a great guide. I enjoyed my trip with him so much that I decided to do a second trek with him which was the Langtang trek. Once again amazing scenery – very different to Annapurna circuit but I enjoyed it just as much! After the trek Devman invited me back to his village and have lunch with his family which was very kind but also quite humbling for me. I couldn’t recommend Devman more highly – an amazing guide with an incredible smile. Paul Sydney, Australia

Recommended by Paul hill , paulhillpersonal@gmail.com  Sydney, Australia   


Namaste Devman, Thank you for creating such a memorable and incredible trek for us to Poon Hill. You offered more than we could have wished for. You provided great advice on what gear we did and did not need, chose the best tea houses along the trail and were an incredible motivator when we were sure we couldn’t walk any further. You created a positive and fun environment and provided many cultural opportunities that made the trek so special and unique. You gave us invaluable insight into Nepali tradition and culture, kept us safe and comfortable along the way and proved to be a great friend, not only to us, but to everyone we encountered along the trail. Thanks again Devman!

 Recommended by Katie boone ,

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With his most recent clients from Australia, on the Annapurna Sanctuary trek: “Hey Devman, we had a fantastic time trekking under your care and guidance. Like most people going to Nepal for the first time and doing all the organization via email, we were initially a bit nervous about what to expect. If your warm and friendly nature wasn’t enough to very quickly put us at ease, your quick actions and compassion in speaking to the owners of lodges and provision of medicine to ensure we were amply comfortable when one of our company was sick, quickly did. Your obvious competence, rapid understanding, communication, openness and devotion in ensuring our safety made for a most memorable experience. We miss you heaps already and hope you’ll stay in touch. Thanks again for shouting us tea and fruit in Thamel! We wish you all the best with one day setting up a future trekking company and will definitely be recommending you as a guide to any of our friends wanting to trek in Nepal.”


Recommended by Raeh, gohrae@gmail.com


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sir zhou copyMy second journey was Around Annapurna trekker in 2013. I brought another 3 people with me. When we walk out of Tribhuvan airport. We got a cordial welcome from Devman and his wife. . All of my team member got a very cherished gift , Hada, which gave us such a big  honor. Annapurna trekking is a long journey. Within those 17 days. we always can have good sightseeing place for dinner or overnight. Devman’s local history, geography knowledge, personal tale sharing make the journey never dull . Again with Devman’s support, our team all passed the Thorung La (5416) successfully. we also enjoyed the sense of higher achievement. Two Nepal journey provide me wonderful trekking experience as well as a lifetime friendship. Our last day arrangement of previous journey in Nepal was to have dinner in Devman’s home. It was such an impressive lunch. We sitting together just like a family. Nepal trekking is a wonderful experience. Devman made it even unforgettable. I would like to cite three sentences before finish my writing There is not a better way to spend two weeks of your lifetime than trekking in Annapurna –by LP Keep in touch as long as we are alive in this world-by Devman Would you go trekking in Nepal, go with Deveman